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Burulan is a leading company in the manufacturing sector mechanized
which ensures its customers a range of products of excellent quality.

It is a company profile with a strong innovator, generates creativity and dynamism;
Continuous growth and allowing their employees to develop personally and professionally. 

Burulan consolidates fururo from the capacity
convertidoen that has a reference in its sector,
from the excitement, motivation and commitment of the people in the company
and, above all, the confidence generated from each customer.

Burulan strives to be recognized as a profitable, competitive and reliable.
A company with a clear improvement in their production processes.
Developing an investment policy in these processes
with the aim of providing solutions to the needs of its customers.
Which aims to immediately become a supplier in the aviation industry.


Customer orientation
From a personal and close it possible
meet the needs of each client.
From this dedication to service stems
establishing satisfactory relationships
and long-term partnerships with our customers.

Commitment to results.
Developing strategies,
setting goals and taking action
cosecución for the same.

Social responsibility. 
Through the creation of jobs,
with the generation of wealth
and monitoring of appropriate policies
medioamental quality,
prevention of occupational hazards
and health monitoring.

Quality Policy Assuming the commitments arising from the
Certifications UNE EN 9100: 2003
and UNE EN ISO 9001:2000.
Acquiring and fulfilling commitments
the requirements of our customers.

Overrun The illusion, the contribution of knowledge,
management skills, creativity and innovation
are the basis for continued growth.
Being responsive to market demands,
and making changes in their opportunities.

Integrity People who are Burulan
behave with sincerity, honesty and ethics.,
thus contributing to the confidence of all players
(customers, suppliers, employees ...)
in our company.currently available.

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